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First two images above are 5x7 frame style for tabletop display. All other sizes come in thinner wall frame style shown in the last two images.

Framed Prints

Starting at $24.99

Display your wedding memories right out of the box with a framed print. Your matte print comes pre-installed in the frame of your choice. Frames are available in black or walnut, made from high-quality, eco-friendly wood composite, and coated with a smooth laminate finish.

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Size Black Walnut
5x7 Tabletop$24.99$35.99
5x7 Tabletop with 4x6 White Mat$35.99$35.99
5x7 Tabletop with 4x6 Off-White Mat$35.99$35.99
8x10 with 5x7 White Mat$41.99$41.99
8x10 with 5x7 Off-White Mat$41.99$41.99
11x14 with 8x10 White Mat$51.99$51.99
11x14 with 8x10 Off-White Mat$51.99$51.99
16x20 with 11x14 White Mat$68.99$68.99
16x20 with 11x14 Off-White Mat$68.99$68.99
18x24 with 12x18 White Mat$106.99$106.99
18x24 with 12x18 Off-White Mat$106.99$106.99
20x30 with 16x20 White Mat$117.99$117.99
20x30 with 16x20 Off-White Mat$117.99$117.99

Product Details

  • 5x7 frames are tabletop frames with back support. All other sizes are wall frames finished with a brown paper backing, bumpers to protect your wall, and a hanging bracket
  • Choose to frame your images with or without a mat

Great Idea for Framed Prints

  • Decorate your walls with clusters of frames. We recommend one 16x20 with four 8x10's to create a dramatic display of your wedding or engagement photos.